400 images online, $200 sales, and one featured on frontpage

It has been two weeks since I wrote my first blog to celebrate 112 sales in first 60 days. I am very happy to find out a few more milestones achieved as of today:

1) 400 images online;

2) approval ratio reached 80%;

3) earning balance exceeded $200;

4) one image featured on DT's frontpage today.

This is the image featured in the "Editorial images" section on the frontpage today:

Not sure what algorithm DT uses to select images for frontpage display, but I am feeling happy and lucky regardless.

There is only one thing I don't feel too happy about - low RPD (revenue per download) because of the excessive number of sub. sales these days. For the last one month or so, my sales between sub. vs credit is almost 9:1. This is very pathetic, and my income could have been much higher, had there been more credit sale instead of subs. I do hope the situation improves in near future.

Again, happy uploading and enjoying lots of sales for everyone!

Photo credits: Jerryway.

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WOW impressive start, Congratulations!


Congratulation, you have a very nice portfolio. I like the mix of all the different areas. Some areas are on my "to go to" list and its nice to see some images here:)




Congratulations! :)




Congrats :)


Congratulations. You have a nice portfolio.
When you wrote that you are not happy with your RPD, can you tell more ? ... mine is about $1.20. My RPD is about $0.73, due to excessive number of sub sales these days. I am still a newbie, probably joined DT at the wrong time (when the new weekly subscription plan was introduced). Those who have been following my post in other thread should know how I hate sub sales, cause I think they do more damage than good overall. I did receive more credit sales for the last few days - I will wait until the end of September to see if that helps improve my pathetic RPD.


Thanks all and have a nice day!


You work hard and have fantastic photos. Congratulations! Ewapix


Congratulations, you have a great portfolio.


Congratulations. You have a nice portfolio.
When you wrote that you are not happy with your RPD, can you tell more ? ... mine is about $1.20.




Congratulations ^_^


Congratulations for your milestones! You have a beautiful portfolio :-) Bye, Francesca


Congrats! I hear you with those credit sales vs. sub sales. I had my first credit sale the other day and nearly fell on the floor - they are so much more valuable to the contributor.

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