4000 sales and 2 years on Dreamstime!!!

Hello!!! recently I celebrated my birthday, my first level5 image and now it's time to celebrate again: my 2th DT-day!!! and I am very happy also for having reached 4000 sales :-)

It's a great success for me, whereas I am not a professional :-) I started a bit for fun, to see what I was able to do and I never imagined being able to get to this level. In these two years I have learned a lot: I started from zero and I think this can be seen from my first illustrations that are very simple compared to today's. Day after day I learned new techniques, learned from refusal and I learned from other illustrators who were here longer time than me. And I found a great community that is like one big family; we exchange opinions, share joys, techniques, tips, etc. Also I found that Dt's staff is very professional, cordial, composed of young guys highly qualified. I think all of us, at least once, we are angry with them for a refusal, but more than one occasion I was happy when a reviewer has changed its decision after listening to my point of view :-)

Sometimes I wonder if I had started earlier, several years ago... I certainly would have gained more $$$, but I'm also happy for what I am able to obtain and I hope to do better :-) Surely I must work hard because today the competition is very high ;-)

Finally, there is another thing I am happy: my improvement in English language :-)))

These are my stats after two years:

827 files online

4000 sales

91,5% AR

$ 1,59 RPD

4.84 Download per image

Monthly uploads 34.46 average

and this is my sale n

Thanks to all for reading and have a good day!

Bye, Francesca :-)

Photo credits: Rasà Messina Francesca.

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January 09, 2012


Congratulations on your successful year!!! Good luck for the future.

September 25, 2011


Thanks Calyx22 :-)

September 25, 2011


Congratulations, Francy! That's an amazing achievement! And, it's a wonderful thing to generate income from something you enjoy doing, as well as improving your English. :) Here's to many more successes for you.

September 23, 2011


Thank you Paola :-)

September 22, 2011


Congratulation! Very good achievment

September 19, 2011


Thanks a lot Veronica :-)

September 18, 2011


Wow that's a great achievement. You have an amazing portfolio. Congratulations :)

September 13, 2011


Thanks you all for your comments!!!
Archangel72: you are very kind :-) Some time ago, I bought a new computer, a reflex camera for my husband, some lens,etc...
Hope you'll have soon your new equipment :-)

September 12, 2011


Well, this is great achievement Francesca!!!
You have a very good upload rate, but look at the sales!!! ;)) You beat me by X10 times more. Now, that's a result.
I wish you to double that numbers by the end of this year ;)
Did you decide how will you spend your revenue?
Photo equipment would be great option, but than again, as I can see you managed to achieve such a great result without any camera.
Your illustrations are great.I can't even imagine how much time did you use to create all these little artistric masterpieces.
Your work surely confirms your talent, all we need is a little more knowledge, experience, and sometimes ... equipment (not the case here ;)).
Better equipment provide better pictures, which leads to greater upload rate, which enhances the chance to increase sales.
Magic circle of stock photography.
I can't wait to buy new equipment, unfortunately I'll have to wait a little longer for CANON to release new "beauty". I hope my patience will pay off soon. Than I won't receive any more noise rejection pictures, as well as loosing my great time in Photoshop to correct all those lack of quality that's killing my upload rate.
Thanx for reading all this, I really tend to loose myself in translation :))
Wish you all the best


September 11, 2011



September 11, 2011


Congrats, very good portfolio!! All the best :-)

September 11, 2011


Thanks Gabriel and Photoexpress :-)

September 11, 2011


Amazing, well done, contratulations!!!

September 11, 2011


Congratulation Francesca,wish you many more:)

September 10, 2011


Thank you very much Jennifer!!!

September 10, 2011


Big WOW, what a wonderful achievement, congrats!! Great, great, great, birthday present. Celebration time!!!

September 09, 2011


Thanks Ingrid and Rebecca :-)

September 09, 2011


Impressive!! Congrats!

September 08, 2011


CONGRATS, what a great achievement! Enjoy your earnings! !!

September 08, 2011


Thanks a lot Waleedelbahraini!!!
Jerryway, I know, subscriptions are boring but they are part of business and bring us more buyers. When your images will reach levels 2,3,4 or 5, you'll earn more for credit sales :-)

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