5 Easy Text Effects You Can do in Photoshop Right Now

Deep stencil: This one is really easy, just make some text in a new layer, choose a suitable wide or bold font. Double click layer on the right side to open layer styles. Now go to stroke under styles and add a 3-6 point stroke depending on how you want it to look. Position to outside and blend to normal. Choose a color little darker than your font color. Now go to inner shadow and turn it on, pick a black color and put opacity of around 20-30%. Distance should be set to around 5 pixels. Instead of color, you can choose a grunge image also. This will make the stencil look more natural.

Alphabet chrome

Grunge text: Make a new text with font of your choice in a new layer. Double click the layer on right hand side to open layer styles. Go to pattern overlay and turn it on. Now go to blend mode and choose multiply or blend depending upon your taste you can also choose soft or hard light. Pick a gunge pattern from patterns drop down (you need to install or copy a pattern of your own, you will need a grunge image). Put opacity of 40-50% depending on the blend mode. You can experiment with the look by changing each of these settings.

Double/triple shadow: Make a text in a new layer and add desired effects if you want. Now make one copy of this text layer and position it lower, set opacity of this layer to 50%. Now duplicate this layer again and make opacity 30%. Remove the copied styles if any and if you so desire. Stack them at an angle, each at a little distance behind the original text to get a triple shadow. Use only 1 duplicate for double shadow.

Chrome finished: Make new layer and add some text. Now double click layer to the right and open layer styles. Now go to gradient overlay and turn it on. Now double click the default gradient to open the editor. You will see the gradient with start and stop gradient color pointers. Clicking anywhere in the line between these pointers will add a pointer and you can edit its color by choosing it. Now add a few markers with black, grey and white colors and punch them closer to each other to make some sharp lines. The target is to create chrome like sharp reflection effects. You have to experiment with it till it looks like chrome. Another option is to download chrome gradients from the web and install it in your photoshop. Now go to bevel and emboss and turn it on, inner bevel as style, technique as chisel hard with 30% depth and direction “up” to 2 pixels. Now add a stroke or grey color at 1 or 2 pixels.

Brushed steel: Follow the steps above to create chrome finish with just the regular black and white gradient and then go to texture under bevel and emboss and turn it on. Now go to pattern and choose a metallic pattern. If you do not have any installed, find some brush metal patterns or create your own using simple add noise and add blur filter technique very commonly found on the internet. You can drop the pattern in photoshop pattern presets or load from little sticky menu next to the pattern display pane.

Hope you can use on of these styles or to just tinker around learning something new in photoshop today. Thanks for reading!

Photo credits: William Park.

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December 03, 2019


Ctmphotog: Thank you for your encouraging comment!  

November 28, 2019


Wow! Thanks for the useful tips!  I've copied your notes for future use.

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