5 Months on Dreamstime: What inspires you?

What inspires you in your photography? With summer finally coming to an end, I am greatly relieved due to the fact that I have taken pictures of everything around me and in my city and am looking forward to cooler temperatures and fall colors. I was going to write about my new findings in HDR photography but Espion had recently posted a blog detailing it and I figured we didn't need two of them.

So instead of writing on techniques, I would like to pose a question:What inspires you the most in your photography, and where do you go for new ideas?

I feel that I will find a vast dispersant of answers resulting from these questions, but I hope that they can each assist not only me, but the entire community as well. Seeing as that I haven't had a picture accepted on Dreamstime in almost a month, and with the lack of will power to go out and seemingly waste my time again, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Photo credits: Matthew Clausen.

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August 21, 2008


i'm also interested in what inspires others.. or me it is taking portraits that the model is well pleased with, making her feel and look beautiful. It does wonders for her confidence and my portfolio too!

August 20, 2008


Matt -- Money inspires me as well, money gives you choices. In addition I find it motivating viewing top selling images of subjects that I enjoy shooting. It encourages me to try harder for better images and be more selective in choosing images to upload. Cheers

August 20, 2008


Money inspires me. And seeing what is selling. I like to look at things and think about how I might make that image better. What is it I like about the image, and what is it I do not like.

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