5 Things You Never Knew About Lions

A few days ago I wrote about a lioness who got close to our unprotected camp ( Almost eaten by a lioness)

Now I would like to share with 5 things I learned about lions during my journey in Africa:

5 things you never knew about lions, cause you were afraid to ask them...

1. Lions mate every 15 minutes for 2 to 3 days. (I've seen a couple "on the go" and it's true!)

2. Lioness can mate with more than one lion in the pack. (No, not at the same time)

3. It takes only a few seconds for the Lion to finish his "dirty business". (For the one in the photo it took only 7 seconds!!!)

4. Lions are lazy - it's the female that usually hunt. This is because their mane prevents them from getting close to the prey without being seen. (they do attack, only not as often as females)

5. Lions can give only a short burst of high speed run (~60kmph) due to their small heart (small relative to what they need to do). This is why they need to get close to the prey before attacking or to attack at night.

You can find more stories in my photo blog: SefiStication

Here are some photos of lions (yes, some of them are PG-13 :-) )

Lioness in the wild

Lion and lioness mate

Lion in the wild

Lion and lioness mate

Lioness walking in the wild

Photo credits: Sefi Greiver.
Sefi Greiver
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Interesting facts.


interesting.. 7 seconds.. ..? the poor lionesses.. they really get the raw deal, plus they are the ones that hunt and all...!


It's good to be the king.