5 Tips of Making Your Own Personal Photograph Album

For anyone is interested in filming your own photograph album, the below 5 tips are quite useful. It will tell you how to prepare the most important contents of your first photgraph album, which are YOUR PICTURES.

No. 1:Have Fun - Only take the pictures which you are interested in.

In 98% time, to take the pictures which you are interested in only and enjoy the photography. In the rest 2% time, to think about the below 4 tips to make all the pictures to be more suitable for a BOOK. :-)

No. 2: Details - Simplicity is beauty.

Nothing can show your fantastic capability of observation except a series of pictures with details. Simple and neat pictures can be edited easily to be an album and used to fill in the blank part of the album, even can be made to photo mosaic.

No. 3: Right Camera

In general, the size of photo album is close to square instead of standard size of normal books. Therefore, you must think of the size issue especially for the pictures took by DRSL. You need to resize those picures before put them into the album. 4:3 or 6×7 fits for the album with ; if youhave a Rollei 2.8F for 6X6, it is then the perfect tool of photo album.

No. 4: Step Back A Little

When you make the composition of a picture, please step back a little to save some space for editing afterwards.

No. 5: Think Big

You pictures shall show everyone a complete story. For example, except to take the pictures for the details of the birthday cake or friends' portrait in a birthday party, you must think of pictures in broad outline more in timing and space like the clean and nice preparation onsite and massy venue after the party, etc.

It is such a happy project to prepare your own photograph album, and with endless expectation. There is no need to give yourself any pressure before you press the button down. In most of time, the most natural is the most important!

© Lhj

Photo credits: Huijie Li.

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