50 approved -- some thoughts

Two months, after starting in microstock and at Dreamstime, I got 50 approved images online. Overall, I think this is a quite good rate, but I am not that satisfied as I'd like to be. Just an approval rate of ~43%.

Hm. Okay, I've mixed new, specific images for microstock with some old images, which I found worth of trying to sell them. Most of them have been declined -- in retrospective, mostly reasonable. :-)

So, what is my conclusion after 50 approvals and (only) 3 sales? I need to get better. Better images, better coverage of customer's needs, better quality -- just overall better.

Nevertheless, I am bit proud of having 50 approved images online. ;-)

PS: The image on the right is my 50th approved image.

Photo credits: Alexander Zschach, Winterling.

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Thanx all for your comments :)


I have uploaded about 120 pics now... started 3 months ago... sales were quite slow but then there was one purchase of 28 pics and that boosted my sales and confidence. Good luck...


Congratulations! Keep trying and always enjoy what you are doing. You are off to a great start.


Congratulations!! I am working on getting 50 uploads right now.


I have 46 & 3 sales & yes indeed I have to proove my images & upload ;)


Congrats! Keep on going!


Congrats! Will be on 50 hopefully in a few days. Keep up.

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