50 images online!

Hi all

I started with Dreamstime back in 2007 and after a series of submissions where everything was rejected I kind of gave up . A few months ago I decided to have another go and now seem to be making a bit of progress !! I`ve even managed a few sales !!

I still find it hard to know what will be rejected or accepted but I think i`m slowly getting a better idea! As a result , my portfolio is a fairly mixed bag of a bit of everything as I try different ideas for submissions.

The small amount of success i`ve had has given me some incentive to give this another serious effort. I`ve found the learning curve to be fairly steep but i`m enjoying the challenge now and I think my photography in general has improved .

On reading back over what i`ve just written it seems a bit meaningless but hopefully it will give some encouragement to anyone just starting and finding things a bit tough!!

Best wishes to all


Photo credits: Trevor Buchanan.

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Hi Alan
The pic was taken in Barcelona El Prat airport. Ive no idea about where the cabinet came from but ive found several uk / ireland based suppliers which sell similiar alarmed cabinets for about £300 (google). The AED itself is Phillips Heartstart which is fairly pricey but very highly recommended circa £2000-3000. I have one in my own practice.
Sorry I couldnt be of more help


Hi Trevor,
I've been searching for an AED cabinet like the one in your pic. Could you give me the contact details from that AED? It looks like it's in Italian.
thanks!, alan


Thanks Marianne , hopefully things will pick up a bit now ! At the moment I`m just uploading a fairly wide variety of images . I`ll see how things go !


Congrats Trevor! My sales picked up a lot when I hit the 50 image mark so you should feel encouraged. Interesting mix of photos, you should have a good number of sales.


Thanks for the encouragement folks! There is a really nice community spirit on this site!


Congrats, nice milestone


Congratulations :-)


Congratulations!! I also joined in 2007 and gave up for a year or two. I remember how excited I was when my first image was finally accepted about two years ago! I am getting pretty close to 50 images as well. These next few submissions could put me over the mark! :D


Very good!Keep up working!


Fantastic pictures! Congrats!


Keep them loading... Congratulations.


Good job so far. Keep uploading and have fun! Bye, Rob.






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