50% of the Lacrosse photo's....

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I have made it, and still have a few more images under review and several more to submit.

Do a search for lacrosse and 50.8% of the actual lacrosse shots are mine. Ok, here's the current breakdown...

Lacrosse search results 85

- Nothing to dow with lacrosse or sports 10

- Shots of Bleachers and seats 6

- Shots of soccer nets 8 (lacrosse netting has smaller spaces)

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Leaving 61

My Images 31

This kind of makes me feel like I'm cheating to get the numbers I want, then again these images aren't what a person looking for images on the game of lacrosse would even look at or expect to find.

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Let me explain the soccer net vs lacrosse net. To put it simply, the lacrosse goal is much smaller than the soccer goal, and the netting has a much smaller spacing. The lacrosse ball could fit through the spacing in the soccer netting. Just compare the lacrosse goals to the soccer netting shots.

I am still working on getting model releases for images I already have. My goal is to provide different uniform colors and I need to start working on the boys/mens games to provide a larger selection. Most of my images will be of lacrosse for a while, but I hope to work on other subjects before the season starts back up again. Hopefully by the end of the mont, if you do a search on lacrosse 50% of the results will be mine. Including all the ones I subtracted above.

This was a personal goal I set, and welcome more shots. My overall goal is to provide the buyers with images they want, and will stick with DT.

Photo credits: James Boardman, Joseph Gough.

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August 20, 2008


Update, with right around 10 days to go I am at 68.75% of the lacrosse images. One of my latest additions. Searh has 120 results, less 24 for above mentioned reasons leaving 96 of which 66 are currently mine. I do have a few more awaiting review, so maybe I can make it to 70%......

August 12, 2008


Updated numbers.

Search results 95
Less described above 24
Leaving 71
My images 41 or 57.75%

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