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Hello DT

I've joined July 25, 2014 that's where my photography adventure starts :) I had no experience before that time. After a month I've set my first goal to increase acceptance ratio as it was only 33%.

It motivated me to learn more about photography and quality of my pictures.

Rain drop

I now have reached first small milestone of 50 online pictures and improved my acceptance ratio to 55% :) This progress motivated me even more so I've decided to set new challenges!

Fuchsia flower

Next targets are a 100 online photos, acceptance ratio at least 65% and first sale!

Dead thistle

I'm going to work hard for it and hope it won't take to long!

Lingonberry plant

It's good to have targets and its good to reach them but the main thing is to do it because you love doing it. The rest is just an addition to your passion!

Golden Labrador ball

Until next time

Hope everyone will have a great day!


Photo credits: Sebastian423.

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October 20, 2014


Congratulations, keep them loading.

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