50 pictures online and now ready for the assignment too!

Today they accepted and uploaded six more files,so I got to reach the fifttieth pictures online and now even able to take part in the assignments,so think I'm too late for this month,but will look for the next one,although I don't really know how it works at all yet!

Anyway just this,my trip on dreamstime is going enough good for now,always hoping for something better though...thank you all for the visits and comments and all!

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yes,thank you all...


Congratulations! Reaching 50 online is a great milestone, almost as satisfying as your first sale. Good luck with your next goal :0)


Congrats on the milestone Yuri, and good luck if you enter the assignment, as Brad said, its not too late.




Congratulations on your 50 uploads, I looked at your portfolio and I would say that you are more than ready for a try at the assignments contest. Your concept images are wonderful, love the light bulb tree image. Great idea. Good luck


Congratulations on 50 uploads. A great achievement. Thanks to Frantab01 for your helpful tips with entering assignments.


congratulations for your 50images online - it's a great achievement, when you do decide to take part in an assignment you must upload the file directly from the assignments page as i did it the other way round and waited 154 hrs to have them accepted into my port then to my dismay had to disable and resubmit into assignments - i'm still waiting to see whether 1 is going to be accepted or not - fingers crossed - good luck :)


Brad made it clear... Wish you good luck! Cheers ;)


well,I'll keep in mind...thanks for the advice


It isn't too late - the assignment is open until Jan 5 for entries. At that point the voting begins. The advantage of getting in early is getting your image cycling through on the main page - but shouldn't affect your chances of winning.

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