50+ sales!

My sales have slowed down significantly recently. But you've gotta love when those little surprises occur! Ever since I made my first sale, I made at least one sale per month. Lately, I feared I would break that trend, but I still got barely one sale per month. This month was just as uneventful, that is, until this week. A couple days ago, I was surprised by a nice income sale on an image which had never been sold before. I took it last spring near Denali Nat'l Park.

A backhoe was widening the area around the track, and the train was lined up, waiting to be filled. I named it "Alaska Railroad" because I like how it combines the train with Alaska's scenery. Yes, I know, it's rather brown, but at least it complements the train's color! :)

Yesterday, I made two subscription sales: 1 was that same train photo again! The other was one of my best sellers. Now I have two images that are one download away from Level 3! This image marked my 50th download. My paycheck is almost in reach!

The moral of the story: Don't despair when things are going slowly. You just might get a pleasant surprise!

Photo credits: Elimitchell.

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Thanks Suebmtl!


Stunning images!
I wish you many more.


Thanks for the comments, Egomezta, Thanatonautii, Fiifre, Stephanuk, and Davulcu! Actually, I just got another sale today, making the count 52, and setting my record for most sales in one week!


That's great, congratulations, well done.


Astonishing pictures you have in your portfolio! Congratulations for your milestone!


Congratulations, 51 sales is not bad at all ! I'm still stuck at 1, but good advice, I'll await the surprise :-)

Very nice pictures btw


Congrats, and thanks for the story, fabulous pictures. :)


Congrats ... wish you many more sales my friend.


Thanks for your comments!


thanks for the inspirational story, love the train picture!


Beautiful scenery!


Great images, congratulations !

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