500 files online reached!!

Hi there!

Finally, today I have reached and past 500 images online!! :)

And I am so close to reach my first 100 sales!

Thank you Dreamstime! Thank you buyers!

Cheers and best regards!

Photo credits: Sebastiangh.

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Congratulations, you're ding great. Keep it up.




@Henrymm: Thank you! It is a nice feeling because it is a lot of work in there, as we all know it! It would be a nicer one if the sales were on par with number of files...! :) I do not know if it is a bad thing, or a good one to have 500 files (in a few days somewhere over 550 online) and 95 sales! I've been doing this seriously for almost an year. So, I do not have that much experience! But, hey! Let's be optimistic! :)
I wish I would have your sales number...! :) Nice and clean port, by the way! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations on your achievement and can imagine your feelings the moment you reach there.
I am trying to get there too but still a long way. Hope one day. :D


Thank you all!! I wish you the best light and as many great shots and sales as Yuri Arcurs!! :)


Great images, congratulations!


Congratulations!Great work!Keep up!


Congrats!!! and good luck on the 100th sale, hope you get it very soon! :)


congrats! and many sales.


Great, congrats!


@Clearvista: Thanks! I have already been glued since I reached 90 sales couple of weeks ago...I am F5, F5, F5, F5......since then...:)) I hope the magic will happen soon!    Playing cards trick   


Well done, that is brilliant. You will be glued to the computer now waiting for the five sales. Hope it happens soon.


@Miraclemoments: Thank you! Then, let's "clink!" two glasses full of champagne and hope for more sales! :) ....and keep up the good work!...after....few more glasses......hic!! :P:)


Well done...hit the 500 myself this week. Keep up the good work!

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