500 Images uploaded since 26th May 2009.

My first image was accepted by Dreamstime in May 2009 and about 8 months later with much effort I have reached 502 images today. Although my earnings are around $250 I spent that amount replacing one Nikor macro lens [ second hand at that ]. But I treated my Dreamstime work as a tutorial in photography learning from rejections although sometimes being depressed by the shortcomings of my submissions.

I studied the work of successful members and being interested in politics and economics learned to focus the subject matter of many of my images on these subject areas. The recession has offered lots of ideas in relation to budget cuts and economic problems. Below are a few images in these subject areas:

. Rising debt was partly responsible for the credit crisis.

The election soon to be held in the UK is turning on the speed of cutting government debt.

Greece and Ireland are examples of countries where salaries are being cut; which country will be next ?

Another approach was finding a large gold key which generated a number of images along the lines of key to riches.

People getting on in years think of raising money by taking loans secured on equity in their homes.

Finally in my experience Dreamstime offers a 'tutorial' in photography and excitement but not money for old rope!

Happy Easter to all at Dreamstime and thank you for your support and encouragement. David.

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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April 17, 2010


Congratulations with 500s! Your images are clean and have a great quality. Keep up a great work

March 24, 2010


Congratulations David! I've just reached 502 images myself, but it took me 6 months longer to get there.

You have some great ideas and concept. Keep them coming and I'm sure your skills will continue to grow

March 23, 2010


Good Job man! Congratulations and happy Easter to you :-)

March 23, 2010


Thanks for sharing, David. Nice concept pictures.
Good luck and Happy Easter to you to)

March 19, 2010


Great achievement in such short time, nice concept images, congrats.

March 18, 2010


Congradulations on an excellent job! Lovely portfolio.

March 18, 2010



March 18, 2010


WOW really great job! Wish you luck in sales! ;)

March 18, 2010


Kattn199 thank you very much for taking so much trouble to reply. I have looked at your portfolio and love your gay pride images and those of the church and the ' celebrating birth certificate ' image. Yes the process of thinking up new ideas is really pleasant except when one draws a blank ! I fall asleep trying to think of new ideas and concepts. David.

March 18, 2010


Congratulations! 500 is a lot of hard work. Good luck with your next goal, 1000? :)

March 18, 2010


Hey, Congrats!!

March 18, 2010


well done!

March 18, 2010



March 18, 2010


Well done !!

March 18, 2010


You have really achieved quite an accomplishment! It's funny because I have been on here for years (literally) but only recently started paying attention to it again. And after all this time, the rejections still cause me anxiety. Even as my acceptance rate increases, a rejection sets me back mentally. But you are right. The rejections are learning experiences, and achieving our self imposed goals make it all worth it in the long run. I wanted to hit 100 uploads for this month, and I accomplished that yesterday. A small number to many, but as a personal goal, it felt like quite an achievement. Therefore, I can really appreciate how wonderful you must feel with 500 uploads!

Your work is very creative, and sometimes that can be the trickiest part. Obviously that is not a problem for you. :-) I wish you many sales in the future!

March 18, 2010


A great milestone! congratulations!

March 18, 2010


Wow... great...

March 18, 2010


so fast!!

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