500 Photos in 4 Months

Merry Christmas to me. Thanks to Dreamstime, I now have 500 photos in my portfolio and the most exciting part of it is that my 500th photo is of my daughter's expectant belly that has my grandbaby in there, due this spring. How exciting is that???

Pregnant Belly Christmas Tree

Here's a few other holiday photos that have helped bring me to this place.

A peaceful Christmas Dove

Peaceful Christmas Dove

A Christmas Butterfly

Pink Butterfly

Thank you everyone! Thank you Dreamstime! A very special thank you to my buyers - who encourage me more than you'll ever know. Next goal - 1,000 photos accepted. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my fellow photographers, buyers and Dreamstime staff!

Photo credits: Rhbabiak13.

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December 30, 2014


Most of them were all taken in the last year, with the majority of them being within the last four months. Thnak you for your kind comments. I am so thankful for the support on here.

December 30, 2014


That's amazing, have you been taking them over the last 4 months or did you already have some?

A great achievement and looks like you are getting some good sales, congratulations.

December 30, 2014


Congratulations!500 in 4 months!!Happy New Year to you!

December 29, 2014


A great job you have done and you will be better soon!

December 28, 2014


Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you!

December 28, 2014


Wow! B)
Congratulations! Thats amazing!! Nice pics!
500 in 4 months!! Well done!

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