500 picture milestone! Celebrity Chef Front Cover advise

I am so excited to announce I finally reached 500 files on my gallery! The journey has been one of much devotion and all I have to say is if it was easy everyone would do it! This takes many hours of focus, determination, and discipline.

The journey has started by taking allot of pictures! When I say allot ...I mean allot! I have now shot 10,000 pictures and now can actually start uploading constantly so my first 500 are finally up!

To be a success on dreams time you must upload a ton of pictures, but before you can do that you have to get out there and produce your inventory! I became my own mission impossible, and made every spare moment count! My goal was to produce pictures by being outside and chase the sunshine, so I tried to take as many pictures as possible while the sun was out.

I wanted to share how important it is to keep going, rain or shine, if you want to start a real business!

I made a commitment I was going to do this as my new career and I needed to start yesterday, so to start somewhere, I made a goal and scouted every piece of information I could to learn this stock business from scratch, and I will continue to share what I found with you so we can all succeed and inspire one another!

Step one: The journey begins with you and you must be prepared to work 24-7 till your library is at the thousands if you want to make real money at this. :) Yes I am being serious so be prepared to have no life for a few years.

It took me almost 5 years to shoot that much footage with all the interruptions of life around me. The less distractions, the more you can focus remember that. You still need to work at a job in the beginning so after your 8 hour shift at your regular job, be prepared to log in another 8 after you finished your day job! Im not joking!

You must do allot of research, and learn from other stock photographers that made it big, and just follow what they do, and keep going! No matter how hard it is, you keep going, and the results will come in eventually, so don't give up!

So more on this journey, I decided to stop depending on just sunshine days and now invested in a lighting crew to test out the waters. The image you see here was my first image of indoor photography on this site and I'm so proud of the results! I took the boring subject of 3 veggies, and made them stand out as Celebrity status all because of lighting! All the credits go to my brilliant and talented lighting crew!

Lighting is everything and you need talented people that have the same vision as you to do about lighting your subject. This is not just about putting up a regular light bulb and clicking a button, this is just like painting, and will make or break your shot.

This one picture took 6 LED lights, and took one hour to set up perfectly! So you must have allot of patience when it comes to indoor lights. When you change the scene, all your lighting changes also.

My entire gallery is almost all shot outdoors, chasing the sunshine. I cannot express how much of a door will open for you by investing in an indoor studio, and lighting, and how important it is to find talented people that are trained to play with light.

The opportunities are endless! A simple red pepper is now a Celebrity Chef front cover, or a billboard, and this has inspired me to keep going with proper lighting techniques and hiring the right crew to make it perfect!Thank you to all the amazing people I work with for making this happen....can't wait to see this on a billboard or front cover of Hell's kitchen with Gordon Ramsay Celebrity Chef magazine, or something like that!

Im writing this blog to encourage you all to keep shooting and uploading, its the only way to make money on stock footage as a real job. If you want to make real money at this, you must think of your gallery as a real store with real items to sell and the market constantly is changing with trends, and more trends, so always research and keep going! I believe in you!


007 on a mission!

Here is the link of my famous Red pepper, and there is more on my gallery :)

red pepper and celery sticks


Photo credits: Project007.

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October 14, 2018


Good Job !

October 14, 2018


Thank you so much Aurelielemoigne!!!!!

October 13, 2018


Congrats for this milestone !

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