500 Sales on my birthday

Well, not quite 500 sales on my birthday but yesterday (15th May) was my birthday and I had my 500th sale. In total over the day I had six sales and have seen an increase in the sales per day since DT made the changes to the 2012 levels.

I have been running with a downloads per image of >1 for a while now and yesterday also took me to a point I hadn't reached before of 1.11 - meaning that for every one of my 453 images on line I had sold 1.11.

I know there are lots of threads about milestones and hope you won't mind me posting my little story here too.

Photo credits: Mark Eaton.

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June 17, 2012


Congratulations! What a nice birthday present :-)

June 07, 2012


Congrats and nice pictures

May 17, 2012


Happy Birthday, Mark! And also happy sales and happy uploads! :)

May 17, 2012


Happy Birthday!!!!! and congrats for your millestone!

May 16, 2012


Happy birthday, congratulations for your 500th sale.

May 16, 2012


Happy birthday and congratulations for your achievement!

May 16, 2012


Congratulations - for your birthday and your 500th sale.

May 16, 2012


Hope you had a great birthday and the sales helped a lot. Hope you have many more soon :)

May 16, 2012


Thanks everyone. Of course, it proves a point about the 'ups and downs' of stock photography (another one of my blogs) that yesterday I had six sales yet today there has been none..... LOL. I hope you are all having a wonderful 16th May and good luck to Kphotos6411 for your birthday on the 26th.

May 16, 2012


Congratulations on your achievement and happy Birthday!!!

May 16, 2012


Congratulations! My birthday is May 26, wish I could have such a great present, but it really is impossible for me. :(

May 16, 2012


amazing well done

May 16, 2012


Congratulations and belayed Happy Birthday!

May 16, 2012


Happy birthday and congratulations for yours sales!

May 16, 2012


Happy Birthday Mark and congratulations for 500 sales!!!

May 16, 2012


Happy Birthday dear. Congrats for 500 mark.

May 16, 2012


Happy birthday. You had a good present. Congratulations

May 16, 2012


Congratulations and don't worry about posting such blogs :-) It's a good way for you to keep track of your accomplishments here as all your blogs are listed on your profile, makes easy reference in years to come :-)

May 16, 2012


I should have added, the British Cycling team was my 500th sale and the Elephant my 501st......

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