Another goal reached today with my 500th photo online. This goal was important for me since it represents, to my eyes, a big step forward. To be able to say I have a stock portfolio of over 500 pictures sounds nice doesn't it?.

I was lazy for a month and did not upload anything (almost) between early september and late october but I went back at it the last weekend of october. It's also my 3rd month with 100% acceptance ratio so I think I'm starting to know what stock photography is... hehe. I still have a lot to learn though, don't worry.

The next milestone will be 1000 photos in my portfolio and I'm setting that goal for summer 2009.

Do you fix yourself goals and little rewards if you reach them? I think it's another way to get the motivation up. Some little contests between fellow photographers are fun too since it makes you try to find new ideas and work harder on stock shoots.

Like I've been tell time and again, KEEP SHOOTING! (and keep uploading)


Photo credits: Eric Cote.

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Congratulations Eric...such great models.


wow, congrats, what a great achievement. I'm working hard toward building my portfolio too! Good luck


Congrats buddy, keep up the good work.


Way to go, Eric! I've got a longway to go to get to 500, but your hard work and success is certainly motivational. Hopefully I'll get there before the end of the year ... 2009, that is. :-) Kind regards, Ken


Great achievement! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing a post from both you and Brad on your 1000th uploads. Cheers, Marilyn


Congratulations! I'm running after you!




Congrats Brad and the race is on ;)


Congrats! I hit 500 images today too! I'm shooting for next fall to hit 1000... Let's see who hits it first :)

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