51 dl for 1 day being online

Here's my bestseller.

It has 51 downloads for one day being online!

Don't take it serious :) It's in the free section :)

Thanks, Creativei for helping me to take my decision about putting my images in free section! That's the first one! I hope it will bring me more luck with selling my other images!

I really think that who gives, will be given!

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva.

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That's a pretty nice image. It makes you wonder how many "paid" downloads it would have gotten.


I should try :))


Thanks, willing to try anything.


It is really a dream speed!!!
I will put some of my photos on free section too!


Thanks Desislava...I appreciate your valued input. I see...they start in the free section and are led to your portfolio. Yes, I should definitely give it a try. What could it hurt? In a sense it is like free advertisement...very clever!


Hi Angela,
I used to look at the views at the beginning I started here. But now I'm not.
As for the downloads, I think that free photo really helped me because I have "n/a" downloads - that means the buyers did not look for something particular, maybe they were exploring the free section, saw my other photos and bought them. Who knows ...
Give it a try - you'll see the diference!


Here's a question for you...have you noticed more views in general of your images? Just wondering. Your image is absolutely beautiful!


Thank you guys! I think it really helps for the sellings :) Try it out!


Congratulation!!! Hope you get more download!


Wow! Congradulations, Desislava!


WOW!!! At first I was incredulous when I read your title - but then I understood that it was in the free section. Hee-hee!


Very nice shot! I'm sure it will bring more exposure to your portfolio!


Wow, that's great! For sure maybe half of people who downloaded it had a look at your portfolio!


It's my pleasure! You have been very helpful with all contributors here, (I know what you do with all newbies here and their first downloads :)) so you deserve it!


thanks for adding a link to my portfolio through your blog.


Congrats:)nice shot!
I think it will bring more chances to you.


THis is the best part, people download lots of free images, and we get featured in the home page and the index page. It gives lots of visitors to the portfolio.


I was totally amazed at the amount of dl's my two free ones got right away, also. A small amount of kickback would be great!


Congrats, cool flower indeed.
Makes me think about free section mmmmmm..... :)

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