5O pictures sold, milestones + Tips


Hi photomaniacs, finaly 5O pictures sold, seems that "urbex" does it for me: maybe a tip for creating new pictures. Abandoned places. Pictures made in old factories, lost buildings... are quiet unique. They vanish, your picture does not...

Picture 50, buyer keyword: creepy. Thanks for buying mine! A indoor shot of an old secret Abandoned electricity factory in Belgium who's now vanishing slowly.

Abandoned machines

Next Milestone: 100 sold pictures, hope it goes bit faster as my portfolio is growing, taking pictures almost every day...

Have a nice day!

Photo credits: Bart Cleymans.
Bart Cleymans
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  • Cleymans
  • Gent, Belgium
Studied at the art academy Hasselt: Architectural and Fine Arts.Have worked since the beginning of computer time with Photo Shop and "old skool" lover. 20 years of training and multiple placements in the service of a Famous Belgian traveller. Took many pictures in analogue times. Made covers for magazines ... the list is long.

Photography is a passion, not a day goes by without my camera. These Pictures are a glimpse seen through my eyes, frozen in Time, forever more: Travel, messages, people, colours, illustrations, imaginations, I love it all.

I do regular updates to show you new pictures, illustrations and go out on foot to explore my known world for you.

I am also active in the world of music as a producer, sing and song writer and play acoustic guitar music. Often paint on commission, colourful images taken with fun, heart and soul.

A message is always fun. Best wishes, Bart

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March 05, 2016

Thanks for the advise!


March 05, 2016

Thank you VintageFravessi, have many more in my portfolio, love to be in places of forgotten times. And Urbex (I love the word) is so much fun.


March 04, 2016

Have to say, I didn't know the word but I love abandoned places. Even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the topic! Congrats on your sales!


March 04, 2016

Hey Bjorn, thanks for the add and I'm glad too that it does. We are from the same Region Bjorn, my mother went to school in your town, :). Picstudio And Photographycornwall thanks!


March 04, 2016

Hey Bart, I must say, I'm also a bit surprised that urbex sells so well! But, I'm glad for you it does! On to the next 50, and plus!!!!


March 03, 2016



March 03, 2016

Thanks, Yes Adam it does... several urbex pictures sold here...


March 03, 2016

Well done!


March 03, 2016

nice! didn't know urbex sold, I go urbexing quite often