6 Children, a 300 lb elephant, and a cracker in a Van that Seats 5

Monty, our 9 month old Dane really stands out in a crowd. I tend to take him to the dog park, which is quite a ride from our home...and when I say "quite a ride" I mean not only is the park two towns down the interstate from where we live, but the ride itself is...well...imagine packing 6 kids...3 car seats..one camera bag, with a magnitude of lenses, ...and a 300 pound elephant into a mini van that seats 5....and then, just for fun, let's also put in a half eaten peanut butter cracker...that has somehow fallen underneath the drivers seat..the cracker lies dormant....until...the mini van, featuring the 6 children in 3 car seats , camera bag, lenses multiplied and 300 pound elephant begin to merge onto the interstate...a wind kicks up, blowing the peanut buttery scent about..wafting it directly into the elephant's snout, whom has been sitting awkwardly in the van's front passenger seat... this sets a frenzy in Monty, a.k.a the 300 pound elephant...so now, as I, 6 children sitting in 3 car seats, and one camera bag with the multitude of lenses are passing by the first town on the interstate, the only image I imagine any onlookers in the vivacity of my 5 seater mini-van to see is: 6 children laughing hysterically...me in the driver's seat looking panicky, as Monty's head is SHOVED way up under my seat...whilst his huge butt is smooshed against the front passenger's side window..which equals one huge Great Dane butt-hole .. magnified by the thick glass of the van window..passing people by at 70 miles per hour ...and as he did accomplish retrieving the half eaten cracker, not even attempting to slow down to chew it....when we arrived at the park he was parched...he walked in the park..passing the doggy water bowls along the fence wall (which were all filled to the brim )...strutted right pass the doggy water trough where other puppies were gathered at, getting their drink on...finally stopping at the only human water fountain in the entire 20 acre park...pushing his entire weight into the lever...successfully producing water from it...then proceeding to stick his big, nasty tongue all over it...jerk ..lol ...moral: never drink from the human water fountain at the dog park

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January 18, 2015


Thank You Karen..I am a Nanny so there is never a dull moment..

January 18, 2015


I can't stop laughing! Thanks for making my morning , K-

PS And great picture too!

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Photo credits: Brandinharris78.