6 hours and 2 GB

To celebrate my (finally) 200th download I'll tell you the unusal story that happened to me yesterday.

In the middle of august I was traveling from my vacation with my youngest child, alone, driving for cca. 500 km...and that makes me nervous and the worst thing: sleepy. So I had to invent something to stay awake...and the only thing that makes me stay awake even looong in the night...is photography. So every time I feel that I could fall asleep I stop and take photos. Somebody asked me how long did I drive this journey, and my answer was: 6 hours and 2 GB :)

One of my stations was a beautiful gas station ( why haven't I uploaded those photos...sigh) all designed in black, gray and yellow .

After having taken some pictures of various flowers( don't be afraid I won't even try to put them on DT), I felt ready for more driving, entered in my car, and there it was ...I saw such a beautiful ....TRUCK! hahahaha

A real black and red, shiny beauty...and I stepped once more out of my car( with my son complaining, about) and took some pictures.

Yesterday we were coming back home on another highway and (Thanks God my man was driving...guess what I was doing :) ), and in a moment I saw this truck again. If I think in terms of statistic...what was the probability to meet again the same truck, and I'm sure that it is the same one because I've cloned every single thing on it before submitting it to DT.

Tank car



Photo credits: , Jelena Popić.
Jelena Popić
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February 20, 2008

Good idea to stay awake!Sure, it took six hours rather than five or less, but it was worthy!


September 22, 2007

I forgot to mention that my husband makes the same trip in 4 and half hours, maybe 5...and now when I think about...my was probably 7 hours and I have only 2 GB of available memory :)


September 22, 2007

Doesn't this delay your trip? I tend to lose track of time while shooting and the more you stay, the more you get addictive. Thank God we lose the light at one point, I would still be in Tuscany :)


September 21, 2007

I like your idea of stopping for a photo break when you're feeling tired. I just usually end up taking a nap.