6 Month Anniversary

It has been 6 months since my first upload to Dreamstime. I still can remember how excited I was when I saw my first upload on May 21st. I joined Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 but my photos did not even start being reviewed until the 21st. I had 82 files online by the end of May plus had already made 2 sales. I knew at the end of May that Dreamstime was the place for me. I had tried many other stock websites but none of them would think twice about letting me upload photos to them because of my choice in photography subjects. If you are an animal photographer it seems like most of the other stock sites do not want to even think about you but I was happy that Dreamstime gave me a chance.

Even though I had enough photos online to become an exclusive photographer by the end of May I hesitated because you could not sell on other stock sites but most importantly to me you could not sell on sites that did prints. I use to sell prints on posters, t-shirts and gifts but after being on Dreamstime I realized that potentially I could make more money on Dreamstime then on any of these printing sites. After deleting all my products on all the print sites I was on Dreamstime became my new home to be exclusive. I have never looked back and regretted getting rid of my print sites because it has been already proven that I have made more money with Dreamstime then I have ever made on any of those other sites since I went exclusive. I have been asked many times is it worth being exclusive and I would have to say YES. I love Dreamstime and I feel like I made the right choice of the exclusive photographer status and I highly recommend it to others.

Since joining Dreamstime I already have 835 photos online and my goal is to have 1,200 by May 21, 2009 but I think I will make that goal before reaching my year anniversary. I have also made 186 sales so far which I am still surprised since most of my subjects are animals and soon I will be reaching my 4th pay out. Ever since going exclusive I have average more then a sale a day. I am quite pleased with so far what I have accomplished here on Dreamstime. I am happy that they gave me a chance which has been paying off for me.

My first photo uploaded to Dreamstime was of a Lion Yawning:

My picture with the most sales on it is Kissing Prairie Dogs:

My first sold picture is of a beautiful Lioness who also is the daughter of my first upload:

I sell a lot of pictures of this Silverback Western Lowland Gorilla:

I sell also a lot of Meerkat Photos:

Many of my Japanese Garden photos have sold:

I have also sold many Bay Area University Photos:

My first model to Dreamstime:

Many of my subjects I have sold a lot of that I did not list above and I am always pleased when I make a sale. I am really looking forward to the next six months when it is my 1 year anniversary for my first upload.

Thanks Dreamstime for making a fantastic site and thanks to the community for making this site a warm and friendly place. :)

Photo credits: , Susan Pettitt.

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November 24, 2008


Congratulations ...a lovely portfolio...

November 24, 2008


Your blog and photos are inspirational. Thank you and best wishes always!

November 22, 2008


Nice pictures!

November 21, 2008


Thanks Irisangel :)

November 21, 2008


Congratulations. Your prairie dogs image is too cute for words.

November 21, 2008


Thanks :)

November 21, 2008


nice blog and lovely images!

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