6 Months, 642 images, 286 downloads and 1 blog later

Business Time

It has been 6 months since my first images were accepted and being exclusive on Dreamstime. I am not much of a writer so I am just going to put bits and pieces of my thoughts in point form.

Microstock agencies like Dreamstime can really help new / fresh photographer improve their skills. I know it has helped me.

- It has thought me a LOT on the technical aspects (understanding why an image gets rejected). To look and understand RGB histograms, use tools like Capture NX to solve those issue etc.

- It has thought me a LOT on composition than just blindly clicking on the shutter on anything and everything.

Chemical experiment

Diversify and Shoot upload shoot upload shoot upload those words that haunt you in DT forums its true. I swear by it.

- It forces you to experiment new things. You gain new knowledge and skills. It has thought me a lot about subject isolation and off camera flash.

- It also increases your chances for a sale and thats a bonus. Last month I achieved $100 is sales hopefully I would be able to maintain $100 a month sales and even more with the support of this great community.

Photo credits: Icefront, Pnvdsbld.
Braendan Yong
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  • Braendan
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September 03, 2008

Well done, Braendan. Hope your success continues.


July 02, 2008



July 02, 2008

Remarkable achievement´╝ü


July 01, 2008

Hi there,
Nice to hear from fellow countryman, I'm from PJ too Good luck to your sales. Nice shoots