6 Tips for Taking Better Maternity Photographs

As the trend of maternity photo shoots continues to increase, so does the opportunity for you to make your clients feel like this important time in their life has been properly and beautifully captured. Maternity photographs come with a great amount of responsibility for capturing the essence of the mother and couple’s take on their new journey. To help you create flawless photographs of your maternity clients, try incorporating these six tips:

1. Know Your Client’s Expectations.

Spend some time with your client prior to the day of the photo shoot to determine just what she is looking for in a photo session. Have her bring some samples of photos she’s seen and liked to help you gauge her style. Use this time to define her pregnancy style, whether it’s edgy or sophisticated and traditional. Sketch out ideas for shots with her to help build her confidence in your vision.


2. Discuss Outfit Choices and Policies Regarding the Number of Wardrobe Changes.

The wardrobe can help dictate the order of your shots, as well as the style of photographs you choose to go with. It’s important to go over this prior to the shoot commencing so that your subject feels as comfortable as possible in what she’s wearing. For some tips on flattering maternity wear for photographs, check out this great article from the PinkBlush Maternity blog.

3. Think Simply.

Regardless of whether or not you plan to do many outfit changes, keep in mind that a simple change of backdrop can take your photos to a whole other level. Just look at the photo of the expecting mother on AmniSure’s website – even with the simple backdrop and pose, it’s a striking shot. Instead of having the expecting mother moving all over the place or changing clothes, simply try the same pose but with varying backgrounds and camera angles.

4. Encourage Her Throughout the Shoot.

Going through pregnancy can leave a woman feeling unsure of herself and her new body. Give sincere and encouraging compliments while you’re shooting to help your client feel more at ease in her own skin. The confidence she exudes will translate to your photographs, so work hard at building her up.

5. Include the Family.

Pregnancy is about more than just the mother and child relationship. Bring in other members of the family, like the father, other children or pets who will all be influenced by the new life. Bringing the family together for an event like this can help solidify the bond between the new baby and the existing family members.


6. Understand Your Client’s Level of Comfort with Showing Skin.

Many of today’s maternity photographs have a tendency to show some skin, whether just of the belly or the body as a whole. Be upfront and understanding with what the expecting mother is willing to show, and don’t push her to show anything more. Be sensitive to the fact that she’s the one in limited clothing by providing blankets and/or a robe for the time between shots.

Follow these six easy tips and you’ll be able to create maternity mementos that are works of art.

Photo credits: Fotoshock, Mircala.

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