6 years on DT and counting

I did not realize it is already six years. Six years and one month more precisely.

I can't really call it a big success but it is no total failure either. Sold 1503 pictures and managed to put 840 online. There were ups and downs, moments of joy and hope followed by moments of disappointment.

I never really believed that this hobby of mine can generate serious money but at the beginning I hoped it is going to be more significant.

It is my fault as I could have uploaded more. Much more.

Then again why turn a hobby into a chore? If one wants to make money one needs to work on it which means do the fun part and the not so fun part no less. And I am naturally lazy. :)

Last month I uploaded just one picture. Maybe I am just going through a pessimistic period and I will resume uploading.

Life and death

Few years ago I was more prolific.

Peace on the beach

Photo credits: Gavril Margittai.
Gavril Margittai
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  • Gmargittai
  • San Jose, United States

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October 10, 2013

Congratulations,, great job.


October 07, 2013



October 07, 2013

Congratulations ... Such a great achievement !!!


October 05, 2013

Dear Gavril,
I realized, viewing your portfolio, you live in San Jose, near San Francisco in California. I am Italian, but in 1978 I lived for one year in San Jose for a cooperation work at General Electric.
Me too had impressed the great redwoods that now I find in your better sold images. I really like your portfolio (maybe because it reminds me of my youth ...), and therefore I'll put you on the list of my favorite photographers.
Congratulation for your 6 years in DT!! Continue uploading and you will have more sales!


October 04, 2013

Congrats on 6 years! Best of luck and many sales.