6 years with DT and today I Love You more...

One day I accidentally found a site which is selling images / Illustrations. But at that time I did not have any image to sell.. so, I created my very first image "Question Mark" & uploaded it..

Then I was waiting for a sale... with one image waiting waiting & waiting....

One day I saw my account balance as .50$ WOW I was soo excited!! Then I started to create & upload more... I could reach my first 100$ in 3 months with 21 images.. [Sometimes today I am passing 100$ mark on just 1,2 day :) ] after my first payout I upload more & more... & I became exclusive in 2009.

These are some of my stats:

2479 Online images (100% illustrations)

23,663 sales

91.7% AR

2 SR-EL sales

42 other EL sales

206 level 5 images

This is my best selling illustration so far..

This is my best EL selling image

This is my first and only Editor's choice Image

And my favorite thing here is Best & Fast Customer Support... DT have The best customer support EVER!!

So, today I am an One Happy EXCLUSIVE CONTRIBUTOR here..

Thank you DT for Everything.. Today I love you more.. ♥ ♥

Happy Valentines Day All!!!

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April 21, 2016


I love your writing practice illustration for letters. Would you do numbers as well as custom work? Thanks, pls reply to user@zweitsprache.ch

February 18, 2013


Congratulations for your deserved success :-)

February 15, 2013


Congratulations, your numbers are amazing...

February 15, 2013



February 15, 2013


Congratulations! Inspirational story.

February 15, 2013


Uau, congratulations! Great achievement!

February 14, 2013


Thanks everyone !!! :)

February 14, 2013


Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing. I wish you many more successes. And Happy Valentine's Day to you too:)

February 14, 2013


Thanks for sharing your experiences with DT. Congratulations on your illustrations!

February 14, 2013


Awesome statistics...congratulations!

February 14, 2013


Fantastic stats. Congratulations for your success!!!

February 14, 2013


Great stats - well done.

February 13, 2013


Wow! great going.

February 13, 2013


Wow, a lot lot sales! A lot of money in a day. I wish one day I can have half of your sales.

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