60's Psychedelic Designs Revived?

© Astakr
Okay, here's my first blog post!

As a web designer, I couldn't help but notice a trend happening in the design world: the comeback of 60-70s' psychedelic art. It's not so much of taking the old artistic designs (think: Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, etc) and bringing them back in but rather more of making RetroModernism (my term for the trend).

The interesting thing is with RetroModernism is that in most cases, the older artworks would be enhanced, making it seem more polished and cleaner than a hand-drawn one then the modern touch comes in--graffiti, grunge and shapes. The advantage of this trend is the fact that designers are given free rein with layers, thus effectively enabling the designer to experiment with different outcomes on the same canvas, rather than making new art works.

The Obama's Hope picture seems to be the epitome of this movement.

I think it would be fun for Dreamstime to get ahead of the game with this trend and put up more images of people in that .

What thinks you?

Photo credits: Astakr.

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I love this trend also. I've seen requests for it and other similar styles in my job and the requests are on the increase. By the way, I Love the picture you used for a sample here.


i love this style, bring it on you fab designers!


I agree! I think DT should be open to all styles of photography and illustrations.



I think its a good idea, variety = choice


I also see more and more of that. I even started to think how to make photos in this style, it seems enough time has passed for this style return :)

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