600th Image Online....

Lacrosse stick and gear

Finally made this long awaited goal... My 600th Image is now online. I have pushed out the deadline a couple times over the past few months. Maybe I made to aggressive of a goal, then again maybe not and I just let life interfere. I don't expect to make the 1000 by this summer, but by the end of summer should be attainable.

One reason for pushing the 1k goal to the end of summer is I'm currently busy with lacrosse pictures. I will keep uploading a few of these, but I have managed to create a respectable lacrosse portfolio for DT. Increasing the original search results of 37 to 257, of which 193 are mine. I'm still in search of a couple model releases for the boys teams to provide a better selection for RF.

Once lacrosse is over, I'll be able to dedicate more time to photographing other subjects I have been putting off for some time now.

I would like to thank all of those who have helped over the past year, and to remind everyone about this wonderful thing called patience... This applies for everything here on DT, I have seen lots of improvements over the past year (Many of which I never thought we needed).

Thanks to all....


Photo credits: James Boardman.
James Boardman
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Great action shots in your portfolio, Congrats on achieving this goal. My boys played lacrosse all through High School. One was the crazy goalie. Wish I could have gotten some great shots like yours. Just for memories sake. Good luck with sales.


Congrats Jim, good luck with your next goal.


Congrats! I love your photos! Go on this way!


YAY!! Score one for you!




Congratulations on reaching your goal!!