6883 fonts and still going...................

Hello, Today I was just managing my fonts, then I realized that I have over 6883 fonts in my library collected & purchased for the past seven years since I started designing. I'm using Suitcase Fusion (very useful software) to manage my fonts in both Mac & PC. Now I have another few thousands fonts which I need to check. I'm a great font fan. Typeface as always been a part of my designs.

I would like to ask fellow designer which font types you guys use. I use Open Type so switching between Mac & PC becomes easy. So what font type do you use?

A small brief about different font types.

PostScript, True Type & Open Type

One thing I have noticed in Open Type & True Type they have only one file but Postscript fonts has two files.

True Type & Postscript font contains just 256 characters, where as Open Type has over 1000 characters and can contain up to 65000 characters and special typographic features. These may include various s of figures (tabular, old-, lining), small caps, ligatures, ordinals, and other extras.

With a single Open Type Pro font you can typeset Latin, Greek and Cyrillic text.

Well I can write a big article about the font types, just need to copy and paste my old notes. But I prefer to keep it short.

So which font type do you use and I am excited to know how many fonts do you guys have in your collections?

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Yeah Dabobabo, good to know im not the only one who is fontoholic, well most of the fonts you can use for illustrations also.

Driveyourkitty: I wish I could share my fonts, then I need to sort free fonts and paid fonts. but yeah you guys can check this site for free fonts. DAFONT FREE FONTS


wow...I have only 568 fonts on my pc..,,but I'm starting thet kind of drug only last year..I'm planning to reach you..:d i love font..thanks for advice!


Hey mate...thanks so much for yr words...well right now they accepted only 2 out of 16 images i uploaded so far...but i will carry on no matter what:))
I looked at yr work...wow very inspiring...and u should share some of those fonts:)PPP


6883 fonts?OH My GOD


Thanks to all,
Eclecticelegance, & Lingong, I agree its very huge. Just got addicted to different styles.

Seema, Yeah at times I get confused but I have a suitcase fusion to keep me updated, and a small print version to check everything, very handy, especially for my clients to choose the style.

Waren, Yeah I agree I'm a fontoholic, thinking to change the title of my blog. hehehehe


Its official, your a fontoholic lol :0)


OMG! thats a lot of fonts! Don't you get confused which one to use?! I'm not even close to that figure.


Wow..... 6883 fonts.
A very surprising figure.


That is an enormous number of fonts!!!!!!!! I don't have anywhere near that many. :)

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