7 sales in 7 days

Hello Dreamstimers,

This is my first blog and have to figure it out how erverything works. Anyway the reason why I write this is, is that I have 7 sales in 7 days. For me as beginner is this a huge milestone for the moment and I am so happy with it. In september 2010 I became member of Dreamstime and loaded up 6 photos. The next 14 months I had no uploads anymore. One of these photos had an unexpected sale in august. It was a tropical butterfly.

In november 2011 I started with uploading photos more regulary. I have now 54 uploads and another 6 pending. Including the sale of a few months ago makes it a total of 8 sales. I think my colleague was right. Many many times she said that I have to do more with my photos. Who is waiting for my pictures there are a lot more photographers who takes better pictures then me, I always said. Glad that I am finally listen to her.

My last sale was a photo of a Golden eagle and I already sold it twice.

What to do next I asked myself. In the first place keep on uploading, I still have lots of pictures which has potential to be accepted on Dreamstime. And about exclusivity I am tracking my results for the next 3 months and then make the decision to go for it or not. I really like Dreamstime for the community. I can read articles in the forum and blogs from other photographers. This is a great place where I can learn a lot. Thank you Dreamstime.

Below are my other sold pictures:

Greetings, Paul

Photo credits: Paul Van Den Berg.

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Very nice pictures!


Cool photos and good milestone


Congratulations! I, too, am waiting for the next milestone to write another blog and show more pictures. I have 172 pictures uploaded and am waiting to get 200. I have been stuck here 2 weeks.






Congratulations ...
Greetings from The Hague


Congratulations! Keep it up!


Congrats on your sales!! you really do have a great collection of images, just keep uploading!! good luck!!


Hello Dreamstimers, thank you all for writing those lovely words about my portfolio. I have never expected that there would be so much reactions, but afterwards I like it. A lot has happened after writing this blog. Some images has been added to collections and two people added me as their favorite photographer. I also have the idea that there are a lot more views in total for my portfolio. Now I am hoping that some potential buyers will also read these kind of blogs. I can not wait to write the next blog, but first I have to reach a new milestone. Greetings, Paul.


You've got some great images in your portfolio, for sure! Your lighthouse photo is really really nice. Great job!


seems you have been very busy this month and put in heaps of exciting pictures - congratulations - l love the nature myself but I'm stuck in the city


Congrats. Keep going. :)


Excellent photos... Seeing the quality of photos, you will get more sales if you upload more... Congratulations and all the best...


Congrats,great pics


Congratulations! And very, very nice pictures in your portfolio! :o)


Congratulations! Your images are just pure beauty. I imagine a lot of more sales coming up in the future.


Very nice portfolio! I'm sure there will be much more sales in the future.


Really nice works I must say, wish you many more sales in the future!


Thank you all for those lovely words. In the nearby future I hope to write some more blogs which means that reached more milestones.


Congratulations !


Congratulations! Very beautiful pictures!








Nice result. Congratulations. Pictures are wonderful; you should upload more of this.


Good, congratulations!


great images, congrats!!!


Great job on the photos! Am still waiting for my first sale though I've only got 2 photos online and 12 pending. Will be uploading more photos soon. :)


Good result, congratulations!


Congratulations! Beautiful photos! Wish you many more sales!

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