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75 Photos already

I haven't blogged here this week. Feeling a little remiss.

As I was uploading today I realized that I already have 75 photos up. Sure, it's not a huge portfolio yet, but it's a start.

The best part is I'm learning a lot here that's helping me to understand what works in stock photography, and in my general photography as well. I appreciate everyone's comments, and I'm glad to see them popping up on my shots as well.

Thanks all! I guess the next milestone is 100. We'll see, today I've submitted 27 more photos including several shots of a desert tarantula I almost stepped on hiking, a common king snake I found the other day, and a unique spider setting up shop between a few cactus.

Oh, and thanks to all the bloggers here who offer amazing tips. I've gotten so many great ideas from all of you!

Photo credits: Richard Charpentier.

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October 20, 2007


Congradulations! I am at 39, my goal is fifty this month. I hope I make it!

October 05, 2007


Great portafolio of nature, good luck on sales, hi have 41 and shooting!!

October 04, 2007


congrats, every step makes the trip a little closer

October 04, 2007


Congrats! I just reached 100 today!

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