8 credit TIFF sales for just 1 hr

Let me share my success with you, colleagues. I have had a great hour right now. During that hour 8 my images were sold in TIFF format. It is a part of 16-pics set constellation images that I produced in November 2010 spending complete weekend for this purpose and working from early morning till early night. Am not I a cool guy? :-)

Photo credits: Igor Sokalski.

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Congratulations! Wishing you many more success. It is great to see sales from such hard work. Cheers!


Congratulations... thats great for you...


Congratulations ! You're worth it. I really enjoyed your latest post about noise reduction. Thanks




Every new achievement creates NOT only some amount of satisfaction - BUT incredible HUNGER for NEW ONES - so that some time later You do not even remember about OLD ONES. - That's how it goes ;-)


to Tan510jomast: I guess your comment relate to that post - https://blog.dreamstime.com/2011/02/16/some-trick-for-noise-rejection_art34470 - rather than to this one, but anyway thanks for commenting and to adding me to your FP list. As for tripod - yes, I am quite agree with you. On my opinion it is a first thing (except for camera itself) which photographer must have. If one has only camera and few dollars one should spend dollars just for tripod. It extends spectrum of possibilities exxentially...

The best of luck to you!


to Yuritz: Thanks a lot for your comment.


cheers for the insightful advice. I used to be a tripod carrier during my view camera days as a beginner to photographer trying to be the next Ansel Adams, lol. but i ended up as a photojournalist and events photographer giving up my tripod with SLRs.
I must get back into the habit of carrying a tripod. In those days I used to have an assistant to do this. Now, I guess I have to get used to carrying my own tripod, lol.
p.s. you are now added to my favorite list for sure.


Congratulations and great one!


to Liubaohua:Thanks a lot. I wish you similar and even more impressive events on DT!


to Bradcalkins: Thanks, Brad!

to Mjskehan: Try and you will see how successfull you are :) Best of luck to you!


Thats great for you, well done....I'm yet to make my first sale, you inspire me to keep trying!!!!


Nicely done! Congrats!


To AliTu: Best of luck to you, too!..


Thanks a lot ! Very inspiring and motivating article, the best wishes Igor!


Lot of thanks, Captainzz! :)


Congratulations :-)))


to Voddol:Spasibo, OLeg!


Igor, my congratulations!!!!! Great reward for hard work!!


Thanks, Adelie. Best of luck to you!


How wonderful it must feel to have such a success:) Congratulations. Yes, I also agree, you are totally cool.


Igor .. you are totally cool ... frozen I should say. Staying up all night in Moscow in Nov. makes you very, very cool!


Once again - thanks to you all, colleagues. I am very touched by your kind and friendly replies.


You deserve it... The photos are fantastic and so totally worth it... =)


Well done! You should feel very proud (and excited too, I would think!). It's so nice and such a good feeling when your hard work is rewarded,


Great, congratulations! I think NASA's Huble is broken and they will look for your constelations again and again! Good luck my friend!


Igor, I saw your blog just now! Congratulations!!! Your hard work was rewarded :-) Ciao, Francesca!!!




Very cool indeed! Nice when effort is being rewarded like this :-)


great. :)

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