9-11 is an anniversary in the United States that not only marks a dark spot in our history but an event that changed the entire world.

The minute the towers fell in New York The world became a different place. Young children and future generations will never know what the world was before that.

I will not go into any political debate or religious discussion as that is not what I want anyone to remember.

What no one can argue with is that hate of any one or any group will only cause pain, suffering and destruction.

Take care of your hearts and mind, it rules what the body does.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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I was in NY that day and I promise you, I will never forget. Excellent shot of the skydiver with the American flag. I watched as these same skydivers flew over ground zero this morning. Awesome site. God bless America!


i agree. My heart is with all those that lost loved ones during this evil tragedy.


It is a terrible tragedy, I watched on TV live the second plane crashing...
There is no right or wrong in the event but pain that lamented the whole world.


Absolutely on the mark! Isn't it a shame that some people are already forgetting this terrible tragedy.

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