The 9 Things Every Nature Photographer Should Own

It is very important to carry necessary things before going to wildlife trip, so keep these things in mind:-

1) An alarm clock

I love the fiery glow of purple-orange light that creeps over the horizon and ignites the sky about a half hour before sunrise. My body, however, is not always enthusiastic about getting up in the dark to trek out to a great photo location. So I always set two alarm clocks (one as a backup) to make sure I don't miss the most exciting time of day. For traveling, I use a compact, battery-powered alarm clock and my Timex watch alarm as a backup.

2) Rubber boots

A bit of mud or water should never stop you from getting to a great photo location. This is especially true if you're photographing along shorelines - sometimes the best perspectives come from getting into the water.

3) Shower cap and garbage bag

The shower caps they give you at hotels make great emergency rain hoods for a camera body or lens. They pack conveniently into a camera bag and the elastic band holds them securely to your gear. I carry a garbage bag for the same reason - to put over my big lenses when it starts to rain. These cheap items have saved me thousands of dollars in damage to my camera gear when I've been caught in an unexpected downpour!

4) Bug spray

Nature is full of bugs that want to feed on you, but this shouldn't stop you from photographing. Some of the best wildflower and bird photo opportunities are during the height of black fly or mosquito season. Just be careful not to get bug spray on your camera gear!

5) A repair kit with duct tape and crazy glue

I once dropped my brand new camera body on rock and cracked the battery grip in half. I crazy glued it back together and was shooting again in a few minutes (in fact I'm still shooting with it as is 2 years later). Accidents happen and gear breaks. A bit of preparedness can save your shoot, so always carry an emergency took kit in your car when you go out photographing. Be sure to pack a hex key and sockets to fit all the major fittings on your tripod and head.

6) Extra batteries and film/memory

Your photo excursion is cooked if you run out of batteries or film/memory, so always carry spares. It never ceases to amaze me how many photographers I've encountered in the field who've had their batteries die and didn't have a spare!

7) A headlamp or flashlight

I hike in the dark all the time to be on location before dawn or after dusk. A headlamp and spare flashlight in my camera bag helps to gets me home safely. Sometimes I use a flashlight as an additional light source for a photo, when I need to fill in shadows.

8) A compass

Most people carry a compass in case they get lost and need to orient themselves home. While that's a good reason to have one, I use mine mostly when I'm out scouting photos during the day to know where the sun will rise or set. When I return to shoot, I've already got a good idea of where the light will fall on certain scenes, which increases my efficiency in the field.

9) Quality outdoor clothing

Crappy weather often spawns the most dramatic photo opportunities. Being prepared with clothing that keeps you warm and dry in the field is a must. Although this is the most expensive item on the list, it's something you can invest in over time. At the very least, buy a lightweight shell (waterproof/windproof) that you can pack in your camera bag. A pair of quick-dry pants that zip-off to shorts is invaluable for summer shooting when mornings or evenings are cool.

Photo credits: Picfest.

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December 08, 2008


i think you forgot to mention # 10 : patience :-)
Great works!!!

December 08, 2008


Great article, thank you!

December 08, 2008


Very useful article!!! So interesting.

December 01, 2008


Great advice! Lovely images too.

December 01, 2008


Great article, by the what do we eat?? Should we carry food, that's most important, hey common just kidding.

December 01, 2008


Very useful article! I don't know what kind of alarm clock is going to wake me up !? I hate waking up when it's still dark. It happened only once this summer when I was on a sea vacation and I wanted to go to toilet very early in the morning! I made the most beautiful shot of sunrise in my life!
Well done! Amazing photos!

November 30, 2008


Great advice and great portfolio. Thanks

November 30, 2008


Very helpful information! As for quality outdoor clothing I've found some reasonably priced foul weather wear at marine supply stores. Twenty bucks for a water-wind resistant pull over with tons of zipper and Velcro pockets in an ultra bright safety yellow color. :)

November 30, 2008


Don't forget the sunscreen!

November 30, 2008


Crazy glue and duct tape, you're my kind of person!!! I use them on cuts I get in my shop, too.

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