91k views and counting... and only 3 sales. Did an image search and it's being used everywhere with the DT logo right there clear as crystal. Though I'd love to have a sale for each appearance, I admit it's cool to see my image everywhere. Happy New Year to everyone.

Photo credits: Mary981.

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January 01, 2012


Great illustration! And the amount of views are really amazing!

January 01, 2012


WIth a lot of views, at least people are looking but maybe nbot the right people.

Go back and review your keyworks.

January 01, 2012


: )

January 01, 2012


Having even just views, it means that the image is interesting, and gain visibility ptoptio portfolio is to have future sales. I own the images that have hundreds of views, but not a sale, in the future, I hope will be sold very close!


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