A quick one, need your help.

I have a question, I was with my photographer friend today, discussing about Operating System, He is Pro Mac & I'm Pro Windows, but I do work around 10 hours a day on my Mac, but windows is cool man.......... (what's ur fav OS)

Well during our discussion we were arguing about which was the first operating system with visuals. ( I'm not talking about DOS and other OS)

As per my knowledge it was Windows 1.0, the first ever visual OS, then it followed by Windows 2 and only then Mac OS was launched. But my friend thinks and says its Mac. (Is that so??????)

I goggled almost two hours, but I didn't find a solid proof for my claim nor his, in due course I found a lot about other OS which I wasn't aware until today. If you have time Read this very informative This site gives lots of knowledge about Operating System. Its a big article but its worth reading to understand the history of operating systems.

Meanwhile I'm looking forward inputs from you guys to know which was the first operating system?????????

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September 25, 2009


Hehhh, I have no idea, too, but the question is really interesting :D

September 24, 2009


:)) Great post! I remember my first "anything visual" after just a DOS command line, and it was Norton Commander, a file manager which acted as the text user interface for DOS. I guess my first real GUI was Windows 3.1, or something.

September 24, 2009


My first classes in computers were at school! The machines had "LOGO and BASIC" languages only! 1986-1987 if I'm not mistaken! I haven't heard of older OS! Thanks for the articles ;)

September 24, 2009


I remember I worked on a Mac with icons and stuff in 1989 and a normal PC was still Dos, so according to me no visible OS.

September 24, 2009


It was great input, its been a great day for me today as I'm getting lots of knowledge about OS. Thanks for your input. It will be very useful for many like me.

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September 24, 2009


The Apple Lisa project was started at Apple in 1978 and evolved into a project to design a powerful personal computer with a graphical user interface (GUI) that would be targeted toward business customers. Around 1982, Steve Jobs was forced out of the Lisa project, so he joined the Macintosh project instead. Later the Lisa was modified and sold as the Macintosh XL in 1985.

Microsoft on the other hand started a project named Interface Manager in 1983 (after Lisa but before Macintosh), but Windows 1.0 was not released until 1985.

But there was graphical user intefaces before both above. The precursor to GUIs was text-based hyperlinks manipulated with a mouse. The concept of hyperlinks was further refined and extended to graphics by researchers at Xerox PARC, who went beyond text-based hyperlinks and used a GUI as the primary interface for the Xerox Alto computer. Most modern general-purpose GUIs are derived from this system.

The PARC User Interface consisted of...

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