A trip to Copenhagen part 2

Let's continue the Part 1:)

The Tivoli Garden which is the magical in Christmas time :)

Of course you can't go to Copenhagen without see to little Mermaid, symbol of the city

and to finish, i wanted to show you these 2 pictures to show the concept of the all city :) ancient mixed with the modern architecture (where the danish are pionnier)....

The City Hall

and the State Opera renewed not so long ago, changed the colors for the end of the year.

I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe you got idea to go there to see it in live :) not even a photo can replace the live view.

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January 10, 2017


Great job sir,

January 09, 2017


Thank you :) I appreciate...

January 09, 2017


Looks good! All I rem was the crowds at the shops.

January 09, 2017


Congratulations! You have almost 10 sales per upload. Very rare on Dreamstime. You have a sense of what sells!

January 08, 2017


nice work

January 06, 2017


Thank you :)

January 06, 2017


Your photographs are very beautiful-congratulations!

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Photo credits: Sylvaindeutsch.