AaB Handball - Aarhus GF (29-23)

Today (February 11th. 2009) AaB Handball met Aarhus GF in Gigantium Arena, in the men's CBB Mobil League.

AaB won 29-23 (halftime score: 16-10), and is now number two in the best handball league for men, in Denmark.

Photo credits: Simonwedege.

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There can be serious injuries like many other sports, but it's usually the wrist and feet.

I actually injured my hand, while photographing this, as the ball came flying toward my camera, so I had to protect my camera. My wrist is still a bit sore.

But that's the hassards when you shoot sportsphotography :-)


I've played handball for 7 years! It was terrific to travel in the country and win!
The ball is not hard - it's normal but it has smaller size. As for the injuries - it was very often to have some little blue spots all over my hands.


Is the ball very hard? Are there ever any serious injuries in the sport?

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