Aarhus - an "underrated" town?!

First the good news - for the first time I have three photos accepted into the same assignment contest. They are all from my home town, Aarhus, and I am really proud that Aarhus is represented in the contest. Two of the pictures are even from my daily work place, Aarhus University, which is a modernist landmark with some fame in architectural circles - I am sure you can tell why from the pictures. First one taken on a spring morning, where you can really see how well the park and the buildings blend in and create a unique feel:

And then a March picture taken in the blue hour, just after sunset and with a nearly full moon and a single star to decorate the deep blue sky. The so-called Lake Side lecture theatre (Søauditorierne in Danish) takes on the appearance of monolithic sculptures whose serenity is calmly reflected in the park lake, while the lights of a car passing by has created a red and white stripe on this long-exposure photo:

And then finally a picture from last summers art exhibition "Sculpture by the Sea", which as the name suggests, takes place at the shores of Aarhus Bay every second year. This is a stunning backdrop for the display of art, and for obvious reasons this attracts crowds. But the exhibition is free of charge, and when you come an early morning it is quite magical to walk on the beach and see modern art at the same time. The photo sort of reminds me of the famous painting by Botticelli in Florence named the "Birth of Venus", but you may think of other references:

So what is there not to like? Simply the fact that it is very hard for me to understand if Aarhus is underrated - certainly that must be because one has not yet learned to appreciate all of its treasures ;-). Then again, that was likely the whole idea behind the assignment, so thank you Dreamstime for allowing me to make the case that Aarhus is certainly well worth a visit.

PS: If you are still in doubt whether Aarhus is worth a visit take a look at this very recent list of travel destinations to visit in 2016 by New York Times, in which Aarhus comes in at place 13.

(Update: A local reader has informed me that Aarhus will not have a "Sculpture by the Sea" in 2017, as this year will be dedicated to Aarhus being the European Capital of Culture - for sure Aarhus will still be worth a visit in 2017)

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April 08, 2016


Hello Henrik,

Having spent several days visiting Aarhus some years ago I have to agree with you - it is a very pleasant and delightful destination on many levels. My favourite place was Den Gamle By, the open-air museum. What a treasure trove of photo
opportunities are found there.

April 08, 2016


Great place :-) Congrats Henrik!

April 07, 2016


I have close friends who live in Aarhus and have visited them a number of times...Aarhus is a beautiful, delightful place!

April 06, 2016


Wow ! You are lucky and nice place to live. Good job friend

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Photo credits: Henrik Stovring.