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Inspired by the Mildegard's blog post "Pictures that do sell and do not" concerning hand drawn illustrations, I've uploaded several mines, mostly kid's pictures.

Mildegard has made the good analysis of what types of hand drawn illustrations are sold better, but I'm still interested - does anyone else have a similar experience? What hand drawn illustrations are sold better from your point of view? Thanks a lot in advance!

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February 16, 2010


Smartview27, LOL ! Can you imagine that I drew it about 30 years ago? It's a real antique :-)))

February 16, 2010


Yes, Robert, you're right - I can say that from Mildegard's words, she also told that sketches are sold better. Well, I think, at least my portfolio became more various with these pictures ;-)

February 16, 2010


Yes, I have only one. This one:


But it has only one view, but never sold.
Your are better. Keep working.
My point is that kids drawings don't sell very good. Sketches, yes. But this are not kids drawing. Don't they?

February 16, 2010


I especially like the one with children in "national slavic costumes"

February 15, 2010


I love this kind of naive art and these illustrations are particularly beautiful! I can think of many ways they could be used so I hope you find some buyers for them!

February 15, 2010


Very nice draws !Wish you luck with them:)

February 15, 2010


Wow...I had no idea that children's drawings sell. I guess I better dig out my kid's best artwork! LOL.

February 15, 2010


I have got only one drawing from my 5 year old grandchild. It has 6 views but never sold. It is called: the happy cardriver.
 Happy car driver 

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