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September 09, 2008


I don't think there is anything wrong with the photos, but I agree that you need to add more keywords. The search engine is very specific so for example if you write surfer and someone searches for surfing, your image probably won't even come up. Plus, it takes a while to get the images in the search engine and then of course it takes even longer because someone must have a specific need for that specific image too. The best thing to do is keep shooting, and have patience. If you want to speed up the sales you have to gear your images to what the demand is. I also love it and think the belly picture is super cute, but I can't imagine too many designers search for two bellies. Good luck!

September 08, 2008


@Creepers888. Oh, you don't have to be sorry, it's your collection, you can add to it whatever fits your idea:) For some people having yoghurt for breakfast can be an abstract, if U catch my drift :) "in the abstract' (meaning not actual events but referring to general thoughts) are so many stock images you could easily put most of those U have in the collection :) All of us could, that's the idea of stock images:) As I said, your collection, your criteria of what to choose and add in it.
BTW - I like the belly image as well:)

September 08, 2008


Thanks so much for your responses. I know keywords are the "key" for success. Any ideas for e.g. the two bellies called "Wanna have trouble?"!!??
@sebcz: You can see "abstract" in a strict sense or you see it conceptional and "in the abstract". It could be, that "abstract" in US/GB has a different meaning. That´s the prob for those people, whose language isn´t the mother tongue. Sorry about that.

September 08, 2008


Hi Ralph, There is at least one I think, it is a superb stockphoto. The two bellies! It's strong because of a good idea and it's actuality. That the two men look very ordinary, even makes this photo stronger! (One of them could be me ;-) I think this is what is ment by "conceptuality". When I look at the keywords and the categories you did choose for it, this might be an explination why this great stock-picture (I'm jealous on it ;-) ) didn't reach the viewers who might be looking for it. The concept is not really covered in it. Consider them very carefull and take time to cover what you see AND the idea (concept) behind it in the tags. If you don't...nobody might find it inbetween some hundreds of thousands pictures...... I hope this comment might be helpfull for you!? Do others agree?

September 08, 2008


Out of those images, only two I would call 'abstracts'. Be patient, images don't sell right after uploading, sometimes it takes months for them to take off.

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