Abstract light background

This is way how to make pictures like this one.

You will need photo of person on the white background and picture of lights.

© Sarkao ( Help)

1. Open both pictures in photoshop.

2. Press shift and move abstract background to picture with person. It will make a new layer with abstract lights.

3. Add layer mask, set layer opacity on 50% and use black brush (opacity 100%, hard) to uncovering person.

4. You can set opacity of layer with lights on 70%-90% now.

After it select really big white soft brush with opacity about 15%. And use it for make lights in hair and on the cloths.

If you are satisfied with result you can continue..

5. Make new layer of all layers, simplest way is press

ctrl(cmd)+A. ... select canvas

ctrl(cmd)+shift+c ... copy all layers to one

ctrl(cmd)+shift+v ... past like a new layer with a mask

6. Go to filters panel and select lens reflex, set lights (I used 105mm and 35mm).

7. Use layer mask and layer opacity for editing strenght of effect.

8. You can repeat steps 5-7 for making more lens reflexions.

9. Set contrast by curves tool.

Good luck! :)

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June 11, 2012



June 11, 2012


We can set background according to photograph, it's an interesting thing. I would say one could set his future on this.

box beaute

June 11, 2012


thanks for sharing

June 10, 2012


tanks for sharing..

June 09, 2012


Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

June 08, 2012


Nice tutorial...
I'll try to have the same result...

June 08, 2012


Thanks for sharing...:)

June 08, 2012


Thanks for sharing.

June 08, 2012


Great tutorial by the fantastic result, this blog very useful for those who want to create works of photographic post production!

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Photo credits: , Sarkao.