Yesterday, I participated in a studio tour in our town, not as a photographer, but as a painter. Though my work has passed through many phases, I now find the most creative satisfaction through a very personal brand of expressionist abstraction. Because my father was also a painter, heavily influenced by Cezanne, my best photography is also abstract. It is hard to get abstract photographs approved for stock, which is a shame, but I do have a few here, as do others.

Abstract photographs are great backgrounds for text and are useful for adding depth through layering. Their nonspecific subject matter makes them perfect for every design use.

Many interior decorators and private individuals are turning to the internet for wall art. Photographic abstracts make stunning accents and can be printed surprisingly large.

I hope that the market for abstract stock photography will grow as buyers realize the potential for this powerful mode of expression. When they do, I am ready!

Photo credits: Linda Armstrong.

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October 09, 2007


really cool- I do the same- painting and photography.

October 08, 2007


Your photos are excellent! You really can paint and take pictures too. They feed each other.

October 08, 2007


My husband is a photographer, he wants to teach me too, I like photography but more painting. Painting is closer to my hearth.

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