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© Charon
What is this mean abstract? It means everything and nothing. In Poland when we say that it is everything and nothing it means that it does not means something at all.

Searching stock by only this one single word gave me some result over 230.000 images that’s a big search, of course can see only hundred first ones online, then have to set some another keyword to concrete my expectation.

In art abstract means that kind of plastically art that is devoid of any characteristics of illustrative and an artist is not imitate the nature. In that point lot of DT images that have abstract in keywords do not much to this theory. But abstract is sometimes defined only by the artist that wants to show something that is abstract to him self.

So is this beautiful dessert can be also abstract? Maybe for his creator and others that find abstract in it.

It is hard subject with some hard answers from the bottom of our hearts and minds.

Photo credits: Charon, Alain Lacroix.

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March 15, 2008


Yes I agree with you in that point, but it seems that on DT when we choose categories for that desert photo for example we choose Abstract-Background and we automatically add keyword background and abstract without consider the meaning of this words. Of course dessert could be a background but for me it is not an abstract.

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