Accelerating income from microstock: experience and a few thoughts!

At Easter 2009 I was trying to get a picture of Inverness castle using a wide angle lens so a bunch of wild daffodils was in the foreground and the castle behind.

The width of the River Ness stopped me from getting the shot I wanted. However at this moment another photographer turned up and we had a conversation in which he said he was not doing anything with his web site but was submitting to microstock agencies. When pressed he said he was making $480 per month. I thought to myself better give it a go and shortly after I joined Dreamstime with lots of initial rejections and a very poor acceptance ratio. It took 19 months to make my first $1000 and now 4 months later I have made another $642 so my earnings per month after 19 months was $52.63 but has quickly risen to $160 per month.

So the lesson is persevere.....

Believe in yourself

Grab the goal.....

I have selected a few images from other photographers portfolio as examples of success, opportunity, ideas, making money , innovation, ....... There is no question but innovative, creative images well executed sell well.

Stick to it.........

© Anirav

Then with look you will have success

© Paha_l

Thank you to Dreamstime for giving us all the opportunity to be more creative and to make money. The purchase of images must be a certain measure of success.

Any readers with additional ideas / advice please add the comments below and this may be most helpful.

If you study the portfolios of the above authors you find earlier they started the better they are doing !

Photo credits: Emel AtaƧ Tunaboylu, Varina And Jay Patel, David Watmough, Fstok1156, Dennis Owusu-ansah, Iqoncept, Jeffrey Banke, Joao Virissimo, Jong Kiam Soon, Pavel Losevsky, Rquindoyos, Dmitry Sunagatov.

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September 01, 2011


Truly inspiring!

April 28, 2011


well done! i have so many ideas but i dnt have a decent camera, and im not goin to afford a normal camera anytime soon, but im trying to create something from what i have :))

April 28, 2011


Well done! :) very nice pics! Thank you for your advice and kind words!

April 05, 2011


I like that with money making :)

April 04, 2011


Readers please notice Cammeraydave's has about 1500 images on line and about 18,000 sales............. it leaves most of us feeling sick.............. his image quality must be head and and shoulders above average. David.

April 04, 2011


Yes, perseverance does indeed pay off. But one has to wonder about
microstock - maybe if these agencies paid us more than micro money
we'd all have a little more in our pockets - hahaha.

April 03, 2011


Good to see your perseverance has paid off for you in so many ways.

April 03, 2011


that's great!! well done

April 02, 2011


nice pics

April 02, 2011


Well put. I am several $ away from my first $K and couldn't believe it myself and best of all the knowledge I gained in photography and well, art! Cheers to DT!

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