Acceptance rate of over 50%

Today, I have been accepted 14 photos.My acceptance rate was more than 50%.

At first, my acceptance rate was only about 30%.Sometimes I uploaded what I consider a very good photo, but not accepted.A number of reasons is due to the photo contains a lot of people, trademarks, and special building needs authorization.For example, the Beijing Olympic main stadium - Bird's Nest.

Another reason is that the same content photos uploaded too many.So only a small number of photographs are accepted, although they meet the requirements.

Later, I note that the above-mentioned two,my acceptance rate was a gradual increase.

These are my latest uploaded photos, I hope you enjoy them.

Photo credits: Jinfeng Zhang.

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December 12, 2009


Congratulations! I love the look on the camels face :0)

December 11, 2009


Congratulations and good luck.

December 11, 2009



December 11, 2009


great uploads and very funny animals

December 11, 2009


Nice photos!

December 11, 2009


Thank you,Keki

December 11, 2009


Lovely photos! well done on the acceptance rate :) Best of luck!

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