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I have read concern regarding acceptance ratings (which I also noted at other stock sites before I became exclusive with Dreamstime), especially amongst those starting out in stock photography. Please, don’t fret over this. There are many reasons for rejections, from technical aspects to how the evaluator is feeling that day. Just keep shooting, learning, improving, submitting, and developing confidence in your images. The rest will take care of itself. And all it takes is that one special image to hit a home run. Words of wisdom from the old guy on the left.

Photo credits: Ken Backer.

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January 24, 2012


That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

January 16, 2012


It is important to know that the editors are humans :)), they can be subjectives.

Actually, that is my problem because, I had pictures rejected with the reason: "Not we are looking for" or "too many pictures on the same subject" and when I watch what are the new pictures on DT, I saw series of pictures with the same subject with small modifications.

Perhaps, editors are less critics with the photos of the more experienced/well known contributors.

I'm still trying to find out the path to no rejections submission :))))

Sometimes, I think there is AN EDITOR who has someting against me :)))))))

January 14, 2012


I have a couple of images that were at first rejected with remark "Not we are looking for". Then I uploaded them again without any correction. They were accepted and now they are level 3 images.

January 14, 2012


Do not seem to me that in recent months there has been an increase in the rejected images. I have a stable rating to 50-60% and I think that my credit rating could also increase... but I tried to upload illustrations, where I have insufficient skill in producting this type of images. However I do not like the more large number of reasons "This is not what we as looking for" that seem to me as a way for avoid to give a more precise explanation.

January 14, 2012


Yes, Calyx, we all gotta be humble and learn our lessons, but I do not take reviewers' opinion like God's word! They are humans, they have policies and guidelines to follow, they proven to be wrong in the past rejecting images for "Not what we are looking for" and then accept them when you submit them again and the images would sell. So, I am just frustrated because being exclusive I only have the DT card to play...

January 14, 2012


Think in terms of "Is the glass half full, or half empty". Nobody likes rejections but think of those that were accepted. Try not to get too attached to any image you upload. If it is accepted, give thanks. If it is rejected, move on.

January 14, 2012


As the data base gets bigger its harder to beat the existing images on any subject................. the latest reason was background color for portraits. After two or three hours work it is not amusing to bucket the lot because you've chosen blue as a background and are told to choose a more neutral color. How can anyone decide what buyers want in relation to background ?
It is very irritating to say the least. David.

January 14, 2012


Yes I also have many more rejections now than a short time ago. Seems to be a common theme now- I must try harder. :)

January 14, 2012


I very much agree with Sunguy but I also agree with Calyx22 - when it happens it saddens me although, objectively speaking, it really shouldn't! I do try to see it as business and understand that they are looking for images that may sell best at the moment - microstock is a changing market. So when I look at it from that perspective it helps. Also, although I am still new, I already noticed big diferences in what sells on different stock sites. I am sure that Dreamstime inspectors are good in choosing the images that will sell here better. It is a big and popular site and has a lot of business going through it so it is worth finding out what sells best.

January 14, 2012


Rejections always hurt, for whatever reason. But, I have to make myself learn the lesson for the rejection reason and try to make sure it doesn't happen again. I hate the "not what we are looking for" one the most, though. As I learn, I get fewer and fewer rejections, but I'm always surprised and saddened when it does. Good lessons at times to learn from and to improve your submissions.

January 13, 2012


Same here. Send in what I'm seeing accepted from others and I get the NOT what we are looking foor messages.

I've questioned a few and did not get answeres.

January 13, 2012


Many rejections these days ,that make me stop before uploading any illustration ,my acceptance ratio getting worse and worse.

January 13, 2012


nowadays they are rejecting pretty much every image I submit. Similar images were accepted until few months ago and still selling. I am kind of desperate...

January 13, 2012


I started out with an acceptance rating of about 10%, then moved up to 50% after about 4 months and steadily increased. Lately I've been around 90%. A lot of it has to do with learning what subjects are appropriate being more technically proficient. I've also gotten rid of a "kit" lens that didn't perform up to standards.

January 13, 2012


thanks for the advise... I guess for new people in DT is a little hard to undestand this.

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