Acceptance Ratio Improving

I have to admit that my acceptance ratio hit a low of 40%. It was around that point that I decided to purchase a new camera.

I am happy to report that since I started shooting with the new Canon 40d that my acceptance ratio has been improving nicely. Now up to 46% and rising on every image that I submit.

Here is my latest accepted image.

Over the years, every time that I upgrade to a new camera, I realize how much of an improvement the new camera was.

Here is a short history of my cameras.

1970's sometime. My first 110 camera.

1986 My first 35mm, point and shoot.

1993 Minolta Maxum. My first SLR.

1996 Minolta Maxum. This was a better model to replace the older one that my toddler son dropped.

1999 Jam Cam - 640x480 only. The camera held about 40 pictures. This was my first digital camera.

2000 Sony Digital Mavica. 2.1 megapixel. Point and shoot. Photo storage was on a floppy disk.

2002 Sony Cybershot DSC-F717. 5.1 megapixel. A dramatic improvement over the 2.1 megapixel camera from before.

2004 Sony DSC-P150. A handy small 7.1 megapixel camera. I still use this one occasionally. Mostly my kids just use it. Not a bad camera for its size and price.

2005 Sony DSC-F828. After dropping my DSC-F717, I purchased this as an upgrade. I was disappointed. 8 megapixels, but the lens optics are inferior to the F717.

2008 Canon 40D. My first digital SLR at 10 megapixels. After shooting with this one for over a month now, I wish I had started with Canon, and never touched the Sony cameras.

Looking at this short history, I wonder what my next camera will be.

Was was your evolution of cameras to bring you to your current system?

Photo credits: Steve Stedman.

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July 19, 2008


I try to avoid the Auto ISO feature, and set the ISO myself. If there is enough light I use ISO 100 whenever I can.

July 19, 2008


Canon 40D if the ISO is set to Auto,ISO is roughly 400,the through rate is very low,Last week,I set to ISO 100 and found that the pass rate has been noticeably improved.

July 18, 2008


My first camera was a Canon AE1 back in 1985. I went through a long series of trade/in used film cameras from Canon (T70, A1, Elan II) then finally went digital with the Canon Digital Rebel. I upgraded to the XT, then got a used 20D. Since I got the 20D (or any of the digital cameras for that matter) I've had a hard time justifying any more upgrades for the time being.

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