Acceptance Ratio Low

After more than a year with DT and nearly 450 images on line, I feel that I can give an advice to new comers:

Carefully select you images before submitting!

If you are not sure, start with a small number and see which ones are accepted and which ones are rejected.

Don't make my same mistake at the very beginning by submitting at once hundreds of pictures which have been feeding your folder for years. If you do so, the risk is to start with a very low acceptance ratio, which will be very difficult to increase, apart from wasting a lot of time writing keywords, etc... for images which will be rejected.

My example: I submitted in the first month only 240 images, of which only 60 were accepted. Result: I started with a 25% acceptance ratio. I learnt the lesson and started to get more images accepted than rejected until I reached about 70-80% acceptance ratio on a monthly basis but the first months still penalize me by keeping my total acceptance ratio low. With 444 images on line I am only now close to reach a 50% acceptance ratio, which will eventually enable me to download and submit more pictures per day.

Photo credits: Mario Curcio.

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I,m a newbie. My acceptance rate is 20% !
Wow I have a way to go. Thanks for the advice


Been there done that.
Not funny...still recovering.
Very good advice, newbies, please follow it.
You will thank yourselves later.


Oh, I've never started out at the front of the pack!!! I'll just keep clawing my way up forever......


Absolutely know what are you talking about! Mine is 35.2% now. January and February were my first months with AR more than 50%! Good luck to all!


I am at 51.6%, the early submissions also hurt me :0)


same here! I made a similar mistake and now I try every month to get my acceptance ratio higher.


Great advise, i will surely see to it.


`I did the same mistake, now my acceptance ration is around 47, Im trying hard to make it better.

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